Precautions for Purchasing a Bottle-Top Dispenser

The bottle-top dispenser, also known as the bottle-top dispenser and the bottle-top pipette, is an instrument for accurately measuring liquid medicine. The bottle-top dispenser is suitable for hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, niacin, alkali, solvent and extremely dangerous liquid. It adopts integrated PTFE structure. Generally divided into automatic bottle-top dispenser, continuous bottle dispenser, glass dispenser, bottle top dispenser, bottle dispenser, digital dispenser, vernier dispenser, standard dispenser, organic type liquid separator, hydrofluoric acid type liquid separator. It is widely used in biological and chemical fields, as well as clinical medicine, industrial and commercial laboratories. All parts in contact with the liquid are highly chemical anti-corrosive materials, easy to set up, and even can be directly operated with protective gloves. Efficient setting of the locking device ensures that accidental volume changes do not occur during operation, and the working performance is stable. Easy to adjust, 121 °C whole sterilization, filter installed at the inlet of the distributor to remove pollutants in the air. For large-capacity dosing devices, it also has a micro-adjustment ring to ensure high prescision when large liquid volume bebing distributed.

Please pay attention when you purchase bottle-top dispenser: First, the product should be reliable and durable, depending on the material used in the pipette, such as: the outer casing should have high impact resistance, corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity ( Such as PVDF). Also, consider the accuracy and repeatability of the dispenser. For most users, it is difficult to check the performance of the product before purchase. Therefore, it is mainly a technical data provided by the manufacturer, and carefully check the written materials provided by the manufacturer. In other respects, the bottle-top dispenser can be used for continuous pipetting. For more convenient operation, a universal outlet tube with a safety handle can be used, even if it is pipetting into a very thin tube. In addition, some brands of products have also designed safety valves. The unique safety valve adopts the internal circulation method to eliminate air bubbles and avoid waste of reagents, and the valve handle can clearly show the valve opening and closing state.

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