Precautions Before Operating The Bottle-Top Dispenser

Please read following instructions carefully before the operation in case of any danger or degraded performance of bottle-top dispenser.

Operation procedures
1. Insert both inlet and outlet pipes and then tighten screws;
2. Remove cap and place it under outlet pipe;
3. Turn knob to intended scale marking;
4. Lift piston to a certain height and press it down; repeat this operation until all air bubbles are discharged;
5. If step 4 fails, check whether pipette and other valves are properly mounted;
6. Lift piston to the highest position of travel, and then press it down to the lowest position of travel;
7. After use, press piston down to the lowest position of travel and then lock the bottle-top dispenser.

1. Insert inlet and outlet pipes gently to prevent any damage;
2. Tighten valves properly before use to prevent splashing during piston movement;
3. Make piston move slowly at a constant space during dispensing;
4. Stop operation immediately in the case of any failure to prevent further damage to dispenser;
5. Recover cap of outlet pipeline after use to prevent residual liquid dropping down;
6. Turn the knob to 0 after use for safety consideration;
7. Use dispenser within the allowable working temperature range.