Hawach’s Bottle-Top Dispensers Introduction

Hawach has two types of the bottle-top dispenser, the electronic one and the mechanical one. They are made of excellent chemical resistance and the components are made of PTFE, FEP, BSG, PP. It is available for fully autoclavable at 121℃.

The electronic bottle-top dispensers, the volume range is from 0.1ml to 99.9ml. The max piston lift is 10 ml and resolution is 100ul. The electronic control reduces the repetitive strain injury. In addition, the remote control panel makes the operating process without human interference.

The mechanical bottle-top dispensers have four range covering a volume range from 0.5ml to 50ml. They are easy for operation, cleaning and maintenance following the user’s manual.

Based on the optional flexible discharge tube, our bottle-top dispenser presents the performance of fast and precise dispensing. We also offer the full-size adaptors with S40, GL32, GL38, GL25, GL28. The structure as:
Hawach Bottle-Top Dispenser

At present, the bottle-top dispenser has a wide application, such as biological, Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Chemical, Forensic laboratories, etc. If you are interested in our bottle-top dispenser, welcome to have the request of quotation. The E-mail available: info@hawach.com.