Hawach Bottle-Top Dispensers

Bottle-top dispensers use advanced inert materials (silicate glass, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE and platinum-iridium, and PP) to ensure the purity of the reagent from first to last dispensers. In addition, it can also be used for all kinds of range of liquid separation and can also be used for biological tests when autoclaving sterilization.

Bottle-top dispensers include a safety system with a drain line and a safety helmet to prevent accidental dispensers or spills. Slotted drain lines always ensure proper installation and safe operation.

Bottle-top dispensers are easy to use. Use the adjustable capacity control knob. Simply mark the required capacity. Drain valves are easy to clean and replace.

Bottle-top dispensers allow you to change accessories according to your app’s workflow. Fast and easy. There are many sizes of the drain and inlet pipes, which can meet your requirements.

Bottle-top dispensers is a fast, reliable and safe dispensers utility that is compatible with a wide range of liquids and is now used in a wide range of biological, pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical and forensic laboratories.

Features of bottle-top dispensers
1. Accuracy;
2. Repeatability;
3. Durability;
4. Easy operation.