Bottle-Top Dispenser Performance Characteristics

The bottle-top dispenser is suitable for general acid and alkali and low concentration of strong acid and alkali and salts, such as H3PO4, H2SO4, NaOH, KOH and so on. The whole bottle dispenser is made of ETFE, FEP, PFA, PP material with maximum pressure resistance of 500 mbar, maximum resistance of 500mm2/s, maximum temperature resistance of 40°C, maximum liquid density of 2.2g/cm3 and easy-to-read digital Capacity display Unique “Simple Calibration” technology allows you to perform calibration work in accordance with ISO9000 and GLP standards in a few seconds. Quick adjustment of capacity display +/- button calibration control, in accordance with ISO9000 and GLP standards, three types, digitally adjustable, fixed and vernier type.

The bottle-top dispenser is suitable for hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, nicotinic acid, alkali, solvent and extremely dangerous liquid. It adopts integrated PTFE structure, and the liquid separation process and reagent contact material are PTFE and sapphire. The drain valve has no spring structure, no corrosion and metal ion contamination reagents, suitable for trace analysis. Strengthen the safety of the safety valve to avoid the leakage of niacin/odorous chemical liquid odor. The dispensing cylinder is compliant with the ISO 8655 calibration standard.