Adjustable Bottle-Top Dispenser

Adjustable bottle-top dispensers are divided into two types: internally-mounted type and externally-mounted type. They use reciprocating motion of syringe and two single acting pistons to make liquid quantity, directional movement and liquid adding.

Internally-Mounted Type Bottle-Top Dispenser

Internally-mounted type bottle-top dispenser is composed of liquid bottle and dispenser. The dispenser is a plastic screw cap which is connected with a syringe of outlet tube and inlet tube of single acting pistons. It is for the control of test solution’s in and out. There is a positioning terrier with metal scale mark and a movable locating sleeve covered on the cap to control the accuracy of test solution’s volume. A glass elbow which is connected with the plastic tube on the cap is used for export the test solution. On the end of the glass elbow, there is a frosted mouth which is connected with the plastic suction nozzle to control the flow rate.

Externally-Mounted Type Bottle-Top Dispenser

The structure of externally-mounted type bottle-top dispenser is simple. A syringe with outlet tube and inlet tube of single acting pistons is connected with positioning terrier and locating sleeve with scale mark.

Use of Adjustable Bottle-Top Dispenser

Clean all parts of the dispenser, and use rubber tube to connect the outlet tube with the glass elbow on the cap. Cover the end of the glass elbow with plastic suction nozzle, and then add the test solution into the liquid bottle. Finally, screw the liquid bottle with the dispenser, and suck up and down for several times to discharge the air bubbles from the dispenser.

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