About The Dispensing Process Of The Bottle-Top Dispenser

HAWACH bottle-top dispensers

HAWACH bottle-top dispensers offer the ideal dispensing options for all types of liquid reagents. They are applicable to general acid and alkali and low concentration of strong acid and alkali and salt, which is precise, easy to operate, safe, convenient and quick, and can be autoclaved.

It can replace the pipette to reduce the use of the pipette and save costs. It provides safety for the operator and the laboratory environment when handling corrosive liquids or solvents.

Dispensing process

a) The direction of the drain tube cannot be directed to the user for safety reasons. The insertion direction can be adjusted to align the storage container with the plug-in connector. Hold the drain tube with one hand and then lift the drain tube safety helmet.
b) Adjust the capacity with a liquid separation adjustment system.
c) Push the piston to the top. When the adjusted capacity is reached, the system automatically stops the movement of the piston, and the scale on the transparent liquid separation column is clearly readable. You can also observe if there are bubbles inside.
d) To operate the piston smoothly, do not tap the dispensing column.
e) After the operation, hold the drain tube with one hand and cover the safety helmet with the other hand.

0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser
Hawach Electronic Control Bottle-Top Dispensers
China Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab

Types of Bottle-top Dispenser

Bottle-top Dispenser offered by Hawach Scientific falls into two types, one is mechanical bottle-top dispenser, and another is electronic bottle-top dispenser, they are all fit for small scale of liquid handling. Both of them has wide range of applications, quickly and accurately volume regulation, and stable and reliable batching process. Compared with mechanical bottle-top dispenser, electronic bottle-top dispenser provides with more accurately distribution process, because it can effectively reduce human interference in separation process, and it is more convenient and more humane due to liquid crystal display.

Tips of Bottle-top Dispenser

There are some tips for operation and maintenance. Check the surface of the instrument for damage before use. If the piston seal is worn after a long period of use, the whole dispensing cartridge can easily be replaced without tools by the user. If the instrument shows signs of failure and cannot be operated hard occasionally, it should stop using immediately, maintain or contact us in accordance with the instructions of use. What’s more, the whole operation process should follow the relevant instruction to prolong the service life.

Purpose of Bottle-top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispenser is made of high quality PTFE、ETFE、FEP、BSG and PP materials,which makes it has strong chemical tolerance and economic maintenance. Precise calibration design makes volume setting is fast, transparent suction tube is suitable for reagent bottles of all sizes, the operation is convenient and comfortable due to smooth and precise piston. Delicate designed pipe helmet can effectively avoid human interference with the reagent, and easily installation and disassemble process is convenient for operation. Transparent suction tube is useful to follow up experiment progress and control batching process.