Instruction of Bottle-top Dispenser

Generally, there are nine steps to complete the entire operation.
The step orders and corresponding details have been demonstrated as the table below.

Step Number Specific Operation
1 Insert the intake pipe and screw the nut.
2 Insert and tighten the outlet pipe.
3 Open the cap and place the cap under the outlet pipe.
4 Adjust the liquid volume from “0” to a corresponding value on the rotating scale.
5 Exhaust process

Ensure that the outlet pipe cap is opened, and then lift the piston for a distance with continuous pressing.

Repeat the former step once or twice, and stop when bubbles are completely eliminated.

6 Prepare the liquid separation after the exhaust process.

If there is still not an entire process, please check whether the pipette or other valves have been installed correctly.

7 The operation is exactly the same as the instruction in step four.
8 After use press the piston to the bottom first, and then adjust the dial to “0” scale to lock the bottle-top dispenser.
9 Transfer process

Stably lift the piston to the highest place, and press the piston to the bottom, which serves as complete separation.