Categories and Materials of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Categories of bottle-top dispenser

The division of the bottle-top dispenser is relatively simple, and the standard one is definitely popular in Hawach. Specific sorts are demonstrated in the chart below.

Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers Lab Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers China Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers

Bottle-up dispenser
Mechanical type Electronic type
0.5-5ml 1-10ml 2.5-25ml 5-50ml 0.1-99.9ml
USA plug Co plug Euro plug UK plug

Materials and limited solutions

For the materials, there are usually optical glass, Al2O3, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE, alloy of platinum and rhodium and PP.
What is noticeable is that, during the application of the bottle-top dispenser, seven solutions certainly have no access. The numbers and named liquors are listed here.

NO. Solution Type
1 The liquid that can react to ETFE, FEP, PEA and Al2O3, like sodium azide.
2 The liquid that can corrode optical glass such as hydrofluoric acid(HF).
3 The liquid that can have catalytic decomposition reaction with platinum rhodium alloy, like H2O2.
4 Nicotinic acid, trifluoroacetic acid and tetrahydrofuran
5 Explosive liquid, like carbon disulfide
6 Suspension, like carbon-contained solution
7 Limited solutions, including concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chlorine-generation and fluorine-generation hydrocarbons, which can form precipitates and then cause piston viscosity or clogging.